The Ecumenical Church of the Divine is an emergent religion providing meaningful answers to life's difficult questions. We are a diverse spiritual community based on the concepts of Freedom, Faith, Ecstasy, and Hope. We do not align ourselves with any modern spiritual tradition, rather it is through revelation, inspiration, and common sense that we derive our vitality, relevance, and power.

More details about the Church can be found in the "Writings" section of this website; click on the "Events" button to see what is going on in the community, and if your desire is to give us money then click on "Donate!". The "Services" section will show you some of what the church has to offer and provides links to the Abbey of Saint Thomas the Doubter and the Order of St. Osman. You can also email us here, or for a more personal experience you can call/text Reverend Stu at the number below.

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Reverend Stu

Abbot & Priest
503-515-9092 (Call/Text Now!)

Rishika Dee

Spiritual Mentor & Guru
(No Contact)

Brother Bryan

Psychedelic Shaman
("Build it and he will come")